Barbie Jewelry Box w/Satin Lining - Clix Auctions LLC
Barbie Jewelry Box w/Satin Lining
Lot Number:20
Start Time:11/23/2022 7:00:00 AM
End Time:12/21/2022 2:04:20 AM
Bid Count:7
Bid Increment:$1.00
Current Bid:$11.00
Bidding complete

A 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to the final Sales Price. All applicable taxes will be assessed based on the sum of the sales price and buyer's premium.

Barbie Jewelry Box w/Satin Lining

Item Location:Row 2-3-2
Measurements:3 in tall and 7 in diameter
Condition Disclosure:Although we attempt to show and disclose the condition of each lot, we may not always see what may be important to a particular bidder. If the value of an item depends on certain conditions of an item, and you cannot verify from the photos, please call prior to bidding (208) 900-8475. All items are sold AS-IS.

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Christmas Gift Auction

First Item Closes: Tuesday - December 20th - 7 PM
Preview: Tuesday, December 20th - Noon to 5 PM
Pickup Location: 16345 Midway Rd. Nampa, Id

Auction Pickup:  This is a ONE DAY PICKUP. - Wednesday - December 21st - Noon to 7 PM by appointment via SignUp Genius.

CREDIT CARD VERIFICATION:  A credit card is required to register to bid.  Our system will verify that there is at least $25 available balance on the card. Unfortunately, this has become necessary as we have had many new bidders use store purchased debit cards that will not cover the purchase price if the winning bidder defaults. Please call if you have any questions (208) 900-8475.

**Due to recent events regarding Covid-19 business shut-downs, etc., Clix Auctions LLC reserves the right to extend the online bidding.


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3) Everything is sold as-is, where-is, with no guarantee of any kind, regardless of statement of condition made on the auction block. Buyers shall rely entirely on their inspection and information.

Do I need to bring identification to the preview?
When an auction is conducted in a secure facility we reserve the right to request identification and to complete a sign-in process.


How do I bid?
To bid, you must first register to bid. either through our website or via our phone app. Once registered you may go to any Online-Only auction catalog, pick the item you are interested in, then click the bid button. Type in the amount of your bid in the bid box and click the "place bid" button.

Am I bidding on the photo or the description of the item?
Only bid on the item description. Use the photos as a guide only. For demo purposes, equipment may be joined and photographed together. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item because they are pictured together. You are bidding on the item as described in the catalog. For example, a cabinet does not include the merchandise inside unless specified. Take advantage of the preview and read the descriptions.

Can I submit a bid offline?
If you have no Internet access please call (208) 900-8475 to make bidding arrangements. A credit card will be required. In some cases, there may be an additional charge for this service.

Is there a minimum bid price on merchandise?
Most items have no reserve. Due to financing requirements, we must sometimes allow Sellers to place a minimum, confirmation, starting or proxy bid on an item. Usually, Clix Auctions Online-Only auction items start at $5.00 and sell regardless of price.

Does bidding end on all items at the same time?
No, items close approximately 4 per minute creating a staggered closing. Always read the specific terms of each auction. Items close dynamically and the closing time is automatically extended if a bid is placed within 3 minutes of items scheduled closing time. Bidding on an item will remain open as long as bids continue to be placed within a 3-minute increment.

Am I notified if I am outbid?
This is an option you choose during registration. Please be sure to check your bids often or place a "Max-Bid" so our system will bid on your behalf. Do not rely solely on being notified via email that you have been outbid. During high traffic periods, emails may be delayed.

How do I know if an item has ended?
You can quickly review the items that are still open by logging into the Online-Only auction. Please note: Our system is designed to offer the Seller a high degree of flexibility in matching the liquidation schedule to their specific requirements. Clix Auctions LLC reserves the right to change, shorten, suspend or extend the event closing dates/times, inspections or removal dates/times.


How do I know if I won?
When a Clix Auctions LLC Online-Only auction has ended you will be sent an email, please always verify that you have won or lost an item on our website if you do not receive an email. It is the bidder's responsibility to monitor any bids placed. In some cases, the emails sent to the high bidder may go to your spam mailbox. Always check. If you bid via our phone app you will get a notification by that too.

How can I view all the bids I've submitted at one time?
Go to the online catalog and select My Items.


Should I bid while the auction is closing?
Many of our bidders begin bidding actively as items are closing. Clix Auctions LLC Online-Only auctions can be more exciting than other online auctions because bidding time extends if an item is bid on within 3 minutes of closing. However, to assure you do not get caught up in the frenzy of last-minute bidding, we strongly recommend that you consider using the Max-Bid feature. Just enter your maximum price. Max-Bid will bid on your behalf - using only what it needs to keep you the 'winner'.

Can I increase my bid?
Yes, you may increase your bid to outbid other bidders. The system will only bid on your behalf once another bidder bids.


How do I pay for my items?
Please see the terms and conditions of each Clix Auctions LLC Online-Only auction. In most cases, you will bring payment to the auction site at pick-up.

Is there a buyer's premium?
Yes, there is a 10% Buyers Premium for Cash or Check Payment and a 14% Buyers Premium Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit. NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED FOR LESS THAN $20 PURCHASE. - Only one form of payment per invoice.

The buyer's premium is a fee paid by the bidder to Clix Auctions LLC. If you bid $100.00 at check-out you will be charged $114.00 - $110 if you pay by cash - check or debit. (Unless otherwise noted in the specific auction terms).


Do I have to pay sales tax?
Yes, sales tax will be collected for the state that the items are located. All Bidders are charged sales tax unless the proper tax exempt forms have been submitted before the close of the auction. Please print and fill out a State of Idaho ST-101 form to make check-out faster. The ST-101 MUST BE SUBMITTED before sales will be considered exempt. We cannot wait for the ST-101 to be mailed. It is the BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY to verify that taxes are not charged on exempt items. If tax is chosen in error no refund will be given after the auction. The BIDDER must adjust their filing of sales tax.


Clix Auctions LLC sells at our auction facility and will often sell directly from a home or business location. Locations are always posted. It is up to the bidder to verify where the pickup location is.

Does Clix Auctions LLC ship items?
Each auction is different - Please call and ask before bidding if shipping is available for this particular auction.
(208) 900-8475.

When can I remove my items?
Please see the terms and conditions of each Clix Auctions LLC Online-Only auction. In most cases, our clients require very specific, narrow time frames for removal. With rare exceptions, the removal dates and times are fixed; we cannot provide either early or late pickup. Clix Auctions LLC cannot, store, deliver or arrange for another date of pickup.

How do I know where to pick up my items?
Please see the terms and conditions of each Clix Auctions LLC Online-Only auction. If items are in an alternate pick up location it will be detailed in the item description. Always refer to your emailed receipt for complete removal details.

Will there be someone on site to assist me in moving my items?
No, Bidders must bring personnel and moving equipment such as dollies, hand carts, pads and tools necessary to disassemble and safely move items from the facility. Bidders who are unfamiliar with the requirements of moving or disassembling items should arrange for professional assistance.

Can I send a mover to pick-up my items?
Yes, we require that your mover have a copy of your sales receipt. We recommend that you meet your mover at the pickup location to point out your items and to assure your mover picks up all of your items. Bidders are responsible for any damage done by their professional movers. A photo of your receipt on the mover's phone is sufficient.

What happens if I damage property during the removal?
It is the Bidder's responsibility to remove merchandise without damage to property. Any damage must be corrected to the satisfaction of the property owner by the Bidder. Bidders are responsible for any damage done by their professional movers.


What happens if I decide not to pick my items up?
If you choose to default on your bids Clix Auctions LLC will charge your credit card for the merchandise PLUS A %10 NO-PICK-UP / DISPOSAL FEE (minimum $10). After the scheduled removal date. Items left on site will be considered abandoned. Our clients are very concerned that their space is left empty and you will be charged a removal fee for items left onsite. NO refunds or chargebacks will be granted due to a lack of removal at the designated times. NO ITEMS WILL BE STORED FOR LATER PICK-UP. ***If you default on your bid you will LOSE BIDDING PRIVILEGES with Click Auctions LLC and notices to all local auctioneers will be sent.


Is there a warranty for any items purchased?
All merchandise is sold "as-is, where-is". There are no warranties expressed or implied and no guarantees. All sales are final. Please preview items when available and bid accordingly.


What happens when an item I was bidding on is no longer available in the catalog?
Occasionally, it may be necessary to change the catalog/items offered after being posted for Online-Only bidding. Clix Auctions LLC  reserves the right to add, remove items, split or combine lots in the auction. In these rare cases, your bids would be canceled and we would attempt to notify you to take action that is appropriate for your situation.

What if the photo and description do not match?
If the description does not match the photo, there is an error. You are bidding on the described item, not the picture. Please notify us at (208) 900-8475 if you believe an item's photo is incorrect.


What happens if I make a mistake while bidding?
Mistakes happen. After you submit your bids, you are asked to confirm your bid. Please check your bid for accuracy before proceeding. If you make a mistake you must immediately notify us at (208) 900-8475. You must submit mistakes for correction within 10 minutes of the bid. We will not reverse bids or after the item has closed, there can be no exceptions.

What happens if I bid against myself?
Many bidders increase their bid to price an item out of reach of other bidders. Please review your bids once submitted. If you did not intend to increase your bid, you must call us immediately at (208) 900-8475. We will not reverse bids unless you contact us immediately. We will not reverse bids after the item has closed, there can be no exceptions.

If I change my mind, can I delete my bid?
NO, Remember - Bidding on an item is a contract. Once you place a bid you have told Clix Auctions LLC, "YES PLACE MY BID", additionally, you have taken the high bid away from someone else. You cannot back out of a bid you placed AS IT AFFECTS EVERY OTHER BIDDER ON AN ITEM.

All items are sold AS-IS with no warranty expressed or implied.
We have a 7-hour preview for inspection of the items in our auction. You are welcome to call with any questions about an item. We are unable to test every item but if you give us a call we can test it while you are on the telephone with us. We try to note all defects but we don't always catch them. There will be no refunds or exchanges.

What if my credit card is declined?
Bidders who have two failed attempts to process their charges will have their bidding account suspended. If your account is in default the administrator will have the option of reselling, removing, storing or abandoning, at the expense and risk of the bidder, items not paid for and/or removed within the specific time. The Bidder agrees to pay all deficiencies, legal, collection, transportation and storage expenses associated

**Due to the possibility of technical or electronic malfunctions, Clix Auctions LLC reserves the right to extend the online bidding if a technical, electronic, Internet failure.

United States

Pickup Location: 16345 Midway Rd. Nampa, Id

Auction Pickup:  This is a ONE DAY PICKUP. - Wednesday - December 21st - Noon to 7 PM by appointment via SignUp Genius.